Best Miter Saw Stand – Buying Guide & Review

Last updated on: May 19th, 2019

best miter sawIt goes without saying that if you have the best miter saw, you need the best stand to achieve the greatest results. It is imperative you purchase a miter saw stand that fits your budget and needs. Buying the right tool is a better investment decision than making your own stand which might compromise stability and precision.

What should you check when shopping for the best miter saw stand in 2019? No doubt, finding the perfect accessory can be a pain in the neck but you shouldn’t worry because this article has everything you need for a smooth shopping experience. We have done the hardest part for you and researched the list of the top 10 miter saw stands that are trending this year. Whether you need a collapsible miter saw stand or a universal miter saw stand, this is your comprehensive review and buying guide.

What To Look For In A Miter Saw Stand?

saw stand

Types Of Miter Saw Stands

Before we provide a list of the best saw stand brands in the market, we would like you to learn the 4 major varieties at your disposal.

1. Traditional miter stand

A traditional stand is a basic workbench and the simplest design you’ll find on the market. It consists of two wooden sawhorses with a plank across them. The design is quite heavy hence it’s considered outdated because it requires you to work in fixed place. It might not be suitable for a commercial woodworker who needs to move from one job site to the next. However, it could be your best bet if you work with a heavy duty miter saw as it accommodates an incredible amount of weight.

2. Rail miter stands

Rail miter stands come with 4 metallic legs which protrude from a horizontal rail, hence their name. The legs can be pulled back and forth. The stands also feature clamped crossbars which are placed at any spot on the rail, allowing for versatility. This is the type of stand you need if you own a variety of miter saws. It can work with a folding miter saw, best rolling miter saw, or sliding miter saw. Moreover, it provides a convenient extension that allows extra working space.

3. Tabletop stand

The design of a tabletop stand is just as you would imagine – a flat surface where you can mount your saw. Like the rail miter stand, a tabletop stand enables you to use a wide array of saws. The only difference is a tabletop requires your saw to be bolted to the top hence there’s limited mobility of the stand and the saw.

4. Wheeled one-hand folding stand

This is the best portable miter saw stand and comes with everything you need. Not only is the table portion constructed in a sturdy material but there are also two legs that set widely apart in addition to a pair of wheels. The best feature is the single-handed design. You simply make a quick release of the catch to fold the table upright. To unfold the stand, release the catch again and it will unfold. It is no wonder it’s a favorite stand among most miter saw users.

5. Compound stands

These stands come in different designs and styles. They are constructed in metal with a plank and dual horse legs. A compound miter saw with stand offers a great balance between sturdiness and portability. Some parts may look traditional but most features are upgraded, thereby giving you the right balance.

What Is A Miter Saw Used For?

You can also refer to a miter saw as a drop saw. It is a fundamental power tool that is used in almost any carpentry work to make fast and precise cuts at specific angles in a workpiece. It is mostly used to cut trims and moulding. Most miter saws, with the exception of the traditional models, are compact and portable. Their blades range in size from 8” – 12”. With the best miter, you can accomplish the following tasks.

  • Making a basic crosscut
  • Creating a basic miter joint
  • Make angled cuts
  • Make bevel and compound angle miter cuts

How To Use Miter Saw

miter sawTo use a miter saw, you need to have the following tools and materials.

  • Safety glasses
  • Ear protection
  • ¾” screws
  • Stock blocks
  • 1×4 sacrificial fence

First mark your board and grip the material firmly with a steady hand. Line up your blade to align the cut and use your thumb to lift the blade guard, sighting down one side of the blade. This is where you should be very careful not to cut your fingers (keep them at least 6” from the danger zone/blade path). Make sure that the material is clamped firmly before releasing the blade guard. Then, take your hand back to the switch and cut the board. If this is your first time, the experience might be a little startling. The miter saw may kick when you first start the blade. Before making a cut, it is best to wait until the blade reaches the peak speed. When lowering the blade, do so slowly but steadily through the material to ensure a completely clean cut. Hold the carriage firmly and release the switch. Don’t raise it or reach under until it stops spinning.

Best Miter Saw Stand Reviews

wood miter saw standNeed a perfect wood miter saw stand? Take a close look at the 10 top-rated miter saw stands plus their reviews so you can get a clear idea of the most suitable option for your needs. If you are a fan of DeWalt, we have some of the most exclusive models. Hopefully, this information will make your buying process easier and quicker.

Dewalt Dwx724 Stand – Best Stationary Miter Stand

The DeWalt miter saw stand is a great tool with a universal design. But it doesn’t have wheels so it’s not easy to move your saw from one point to the other. However, it is very sturdy as you would expect from aluminum truction.


  • Aluminum truction
  • Silver color
  • Weighs 45lbs
  • 40” extension beam that accommodates 500lbs and up to 10ft of material
  • Foldable legs
  • 32” extended height, 100” extended width, 8” folded tool height, and 44” folded width
  • 3-year limited warranty

  • A versatile design that can be used with all types of DeWalt miter saws
  • A compact design that makes it easier to store and transport
  • Doesn’t need batteries
  • An attractive finish

  • It is not compatible with non-DeWalt miter saws

If you have a carpentry project that doesn’t require you to move your miter around, then the Dewalt DWX 724 would be an ideal solution. Don’t worry about transportation and storage because it can easily be folded at your convenience. Luckily, the sturdy legs provide a strong base for any material and saw.

DEWALT DWX726 Stand- Best overall Rolling Miter Saw Stand

Here is a wheeled miter saw stand that facilitates easy mobility on a job site. The DeWalt DWX726 heavy-duty rolling miter saw stand comes with adjustable mounting brackets, giving you the flexibility of mounting any miter saw in the shortest time possible.


  • Weighs 24 lbs
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Measures 60” x 17” x 10”
  • Wide rugged rubber grip wheels
  • No batteries
  • Adjustable mounting rails
  • 3 Pneumatically assisted positions
  • Tubular steel truction
  • Adjustable work supports for materials over 8” long
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Yellow finish

  • Accommodates any miter saw
  • Reliable job site mobility thanks to the wider rubber grip wheels
  • Raising and lowering the stand is easy
  • Durable truction with a high weight capacity

  • Doesn’t allow for warping

The DeWalt DWX726 miter saw stand is bulkier than the sister model- DeWalt DWX724 but it shouldn’t worry you in terms of mobility because the wheels make up for that. We can confidently say that is it the best mobile miter saw stand.

DEWALT DWS780 12 Double Bevel Miter Saw w/ DWX726 Rolling Stand – Best Compound Miter Saw With Stand

Does your job involve high capacity cutting? The DeWalt 12 sliding compound miter saw with stand must have been designed for someone like you. This product is a combination of a miter saw and stand (DWX726 Rolling Stand). Take a look at the features of the two items.

Features of the Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw:

  • Cuts up to 2×6 lumber at 90⁰ and 2×4 at 45⁰
  • Rugged guards and stainless steel detent plate
  • 12” carbide miter blade
  • 15 amps and 3800rpm motor
  • Blade wrench
  • XPS cross-cut positioning system
  • Vertical materials clamp
  • An efficient dust bag that collects more than 75% of the dust

Features of the DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand:

  • Wide and flexible infeed and outfeed roller with 8” material support
  • Handle design
  • Tubular steel truction with a 300lb weight capacity
  • Wide rubber grip wheels
  • Adjustable rails that can hold any miter saw
  • 3 pneumatic raising and lowering positions
  • 90 day return policy

  • The miter saw guarantees high-capacity cutting
  • Facilitates a hassle-free operation
  • Ultimate durable saw and stand
  • The rolling stand has a handle design that increases portability

  • The miter saw and stand requires a large storage space in the garage

DeWalt 12 compound miter saw with stand is a reliable power tool you should have in your garage whether you are an amateur or professional carpenter. The multiple features of the 12 miter saw with stand makes it easy and safe to use. While the saw is not very hot on small pieces of wood, it ensures precision when cutting large pieces.

Kobalt Steel Adjustable Miter Saw Stand – Best Budget Buy

Kobalt miter saw stand is a compact miter saw stand that supports a maximum weight of 400 pounds. For easy mobility at your workstation, it comes with heavy-duty 8” wheels. Here is a complete list of the features.


  • Steel structure
  • Stand support
  • 400 lbs weight capacity
  • Telescopic work supports that can extend up to 8 feet
  • Quick release mounting brackets
  • 8” wheels
  • Weighs 42.2 lbs
  • Black finish

  • A compact folding design allows easy transportation and storage
  • Convenient vertical storage with stand supports
  • The quick release of mounting brackets facilitate safe mounting of a miter saw
  • Allows mobility at the job site thanks to the wheels

  • Cannot be used as a 12 sliding compound miter saw with stand

There are many stands on the market but the Kobalt folding miter saw stand is one of the best budget buys. However, we recommend if you have to store it with the saw attached, make sure it is secured to a post or wall.

Milwaukee Electric Tool 40-08-0551 – Best Universal Folding Miter Saw Stand

Milwaukee miter stand is an aluminum saw stand that works with all major saw brands. It is a perfect option if you are seeking a folding miter stand design.


  • 500lbs weight capacity
  • Adjustable foot design
  • Aluminum truction
  • 2 mounting brackets that support a wide range of miter saws
  • Portable design weighing 31 pounds
  • Extends up to 100” to accommodate large workpieces

  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Lightweight truction increases the portability of the stand
  • Allows vertical storage
  • The adjustable feet provide stable support on uneven surfaces

  • No wheels for mobility

Do you want to save valuable storage space in your garage? The Milwaukee miter saw stand should be on your bucket list. It is one of the miter stands we highly recommend when it comes to weight support. It suits any user and situation.

RIDGID AC9946 Miter Stand – Best Mobile Miter Saw Stand

The Ridgid miter saw stand has numerous plusses, making it a great option for woodworking. Check out the distinctive features.


  • Adjustable height
  • 12” wheels that can move over stairs
  • Orange and silver color
  • 9 ft. 6” total extension length
  • Transport handles
  • 33.5” working height
  • Mounting braces for a 1×8 working surface
  • Weight: 68lbs
  • Single step release extension lock
  • 400lbs carrying capacity

  • Lifting and lowering the stand is easier thanks to the adjustable support
  • Moving up and down stairs is not an issue
  • Ultimate comfort with lightweight design
  • Makes a perfect sliding or compound miter saw stand

  • The extending support handles are flimsy

Ridgid MS UV miter stand can be used with all compound saws since it has a universal quick release mounting system plus a secondary lock that secures the ensemble. Overall, Ridgid miter saw stand with wheels is the best portable miter saw in terms of functionality, design, and value.

Ryobi Miter Saw Stand Green – Best for Value and Durability

Ryobi compound miter saw stand is made with a universal design concept in mind hence it works with all miter saws. Find out why this saw stand is a great option


  • 42lbs
  • Measures 54.8” x 10.8” x 9.1”
  • 400lbs weight capacity
  • Quick release mounting brackets
  • Tool-less height adjustment
  • Extension arms that support up to 9 ft. of materials
  • QUICKSTAND technology that unfolds legs in seconds

  • Repetitive cutting is more convenient due to the adjustable arm
  • Compact design that doesn’t need a lot of storage space
  • Compatible with most miter saw brands including 12-inch miter saws
  • Sturdy and durable steel truction for any job site

  • No wheels

The durable truction of the Ryobi miter saw with stand makes this tool a great buy for your money. If you ever need a good balance between heavy-duty and portability, choose the Ryobi miter saw stand today. You won’t be able to move it around the job site but the easy fold-up design will make transportation and storage easier.

Trojan MS-2000 Miter Saw Stand – Best for Functionality

Is your miter saw too bulky to move around your workstation? You don’t have to change it. All you need is a universal stand with wheels to carry it wherever you like. The Trojan miter saw stand could be your answer. Find out why.


  • A universal design that supports a wide variety of saws
  • Incredibly lightweight and portable
  • Supports 13 ft. of material
  • The two ends are extendable
  • Relatively thin legs
  • Steel tube truction
  • 10” diameter wheels (pneumatic-assisted)
  • Rust-resistant galvanized rollers

  • The product is tructed for stability and portability
  • Easy setup
  • Can be used with numerous saws
  • Innovative card design for maximum mobility

  • Cannot be stored in an upright position

Trojan ms-2000 miter saw stand has everything you need for your portable miter or folding miter. We recommend it particularly for professional handymen who require moving from one job site to the other and have to carry a stand with them. However, you must drill and mount your saw manually since it is not pre-drilled.

WEN MSA750 750 Lb Stand- The Best High- Capacity Miter Saw Stand

There are a lot of cheap miter saw stand on the market today but none of them can carry as much weight as the Wen miter saw stand. It can take on materials up to 10ft and 750 pounds. This tells you that it is the best stand for heavy-duty saws.


  • Extension arms of 34” to 39” allow material up to 10 ft long
  • Powder-coated steel truction
  • Collapsible design
  • 2 height-adjustable rollers
  • Quick release brackets
  • 2 table extensions
  • 2-year warranty
  • Weighs 38.8lbs
  • Measures 52.8” x 35.4” x 24”

  • A universal design that fits nearly all miter saws
  • Corrosion-free steel frame
  • Heavy-duty design that can fold for easy transportation between sites
  • The height of the rollers can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements

  • Lacks flip-up stops hence you can’t measure and cut simultaneously

Remember that the rollers of this miter stand work as stops so you can make istent cuts. The universal design is not only suitable for the WEN miter saw series, but also makes a great stand for other popular miter saw brands.

What is the best Miter Saw Stand

Milwaukee Folding Miter Saw StandThere you have the best 9 saw stands to choose from. Be sure to consider the various features and determine what is more important to you. As you research, we also recommend you check the Black and Decker miter saw stand which is another impressive miter stand. Also, don’t forget to check the reviews and see what users say about these products.

According to TheCozyHolic, the ideal miter saw stand endures the test of time and that is why we assist you to get it right the first time. We strongly believe the DEWALT DWX726 Stand has everything you need for woodworking so we pick it as our number 1. However, for ultimate mobility, we encourage you to check the Ridgid miter stand. Enjoy a great miter saw stand shopping experience!

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