Best Headlamps For Hunting in Review

Last updated on: May 19th, 2019

Best headlamp for hunting 2019 – Answer and Review


Do you agree that for feeling comfortable when you go running, walking, fishing, hunting, hiking, cycling, reading,  DIY projects, or auto repair your hands must be free instead of holding a flashlight? That’s why hands-free illumination is a necessity and keeping your space well-lit contributes to your safety.

You may think to get a better product a customer needs to pay more. A lot of modern headlamps cost a lot and may not fit into your budget.

In this article you will discover you don’t have to overpay for good equipment for your hunting activities. We will outline the main requirements to headlamps and choose the best one in 2019.

What You Should Pay Attention To When Buying headlamp for hunting

Headlamps for hunting are similar in form and function to those for running, hiking, or working. In this article we give special attention to the needs of hunters and recommend products that are the best headlamps for hunting. Read our buying guide and product reviews to know more.

The main features you need to consider are the power of the light, battery type, water resistance, lamp size, and weight etc.

The Cozyholic carefully selected the best models of the best headlamp for hunting based on the points underneath.

Headlamp for hunting Buying Guide

Earlier headlamps used to come with incandescent bulbs. Nowadays all modern headlamps use bright and efficient LEDs.  LED lights are available different shapes and colors. Hunters will want a few key light features and types:

Diffuse light is less focused and more scattered than a beam light. These are great for when you’re up close, in darkness, or trying to see things with your whole range of vision including peripheral areas.

Focused beams are good for long distances with the full power of the headlamp on a single point. If you’re trying to focus on a single area or see further up a trail, a focused beam is an excellent choice.

Red light is great for dusk because it’s harder for the human eye to pick up on details. That means you can switch it on, check something in the blind, and switch it off without losing much of your eye’s night vision adjustment.

Blue light is sometimes used for reading maps. Red lights used with detailed maps can make it hard to see some details and lines. Blue is better than white light, because you are able to read a detailed map while retaining your eye’s night vision.

Purple or colors on the violet spectrum are usually used for tracking blood trails. These colors make blood stand out compared to the surroundings.

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What to Look for in a Headlamp for Hunting

Battery Type

The battery type is important. When you get out there tracking for 3 hours, you will need replaceable batteries to continue your walk. Of course there’s a case to be made about the environmental and ecological impact of disposable batteries, so make your choice!

Waterproof Headlamps

Your headlamp must be waterproof to continue operating even in rain storm. Most lights above $20 have an IPX 4 rating, which means they are able to withstand water splashing.

Headlamp Headbands

Headlamps should have a siliconized headband which helps hold it on the head. Some headlamps may have additional clips or attachments for hats or other anchors. Almost all headlamps feature an adjustable headband, so they are convenient in use.

Headlamp Size and Weight

Even small headlamps can be modern and powerful. If it doesn’t easily fit into the palm of your hand it’s probably too big. That doesn’t mean that larger headlamps aren’t useful in some situations. For hunting a small one will be okay.

Light Output

A headlamps light output is measured in lumens. It’s sufficient to say more lumens mean more light. A good headlamp with a 300-400 lumen range is adequate for hunting.

Special Activity Requirements


When you run frequently, at night or early in the morning, you have to consider 2 conditions: comfort of the headlamp and the cost of batteries.

Remote Travel

Replacement batteries are an issue when traveling to remote destinations. A great option is combining a rechargeable light with a solar charger.


For some activities the weight and size of a headlamp is an issue. When considering the activity the best headlamp  should be lightweight, be small, and have reasonable light, and also have rock-solid durability.

Product reviews:

VITCHELO V800 Headlamp with White and Red LED Lights. Waterproof IPX6 and 168 Lumens Bright Head Light – LONG-LIVED AND  UNIVERSAL

This headlamp meets all the standards you would expect, and proves itself to be distinctly simple to use. The headband provides maximum safety.

Battery: The headlight provides up to 168 lumens of light output for up to 120 hrs.

Other: Waterproof, it’ll withstand water splashing, survive cold temperatures, and provide light for long periods of time. Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

  • Waterproof IPX6
  • Separate buttons for red and white lights
  • 168 lumen output

  • For some the headband can be small


Unlike other headlamps, this LED head lamp has separate buttons for its red and white light so there will be no mix-up, and convenient to use when you need it most.


GRDE Zoomable 3 Mode Super Bright LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Batteries, Car Charger, Wall Charger, and USB Cable – MULTIFUNCTIONAL CHOICE

If you are looking for a versatile lamp, this model is for you.

Light: All functions work through an LED, which focuses on one point and is zoomable. It has 3 modes: high , low , and strobe outputs.

The headlamp is waterproof, adjustable, handsfree and can be used as a headlamp, waist lamp, or desk lamp.

Power: lifespan reach up to 100,000 hours. Brightness is up to 1800 lumens.

  • 3 in 1 multifunctional capability
  • 1800 lumen output
  • Waterproof

  • Single button control for 3 modes


This lamp is very effective. It is brighter than other flashlights and perfect for hunting and simple dog walks at night.

LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red – Super Bright, Lightweight & Comfortable – Headlamps come with Batteries

This’s the best choice for your close-up detail work and long-distance viewing.

Feature: Comes with red lights

Power: 30 Lumen of darkness-busting power for up to 164 feet of visibility. The sturdy headlamp body tilts up to 90-degrees, allowing you to focus light where you need it. The 4 light modes ensure you get the exact level of brightness you need.

Convenience: The secure and adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit without “bobbing” or “brain squeeze.”

Goes with guarantee.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 4 light modes
  • LED lifetime up to 20,000 hours
  • Steady red LED

  • Single button control for 4 light modes


This headlamp has an easy-to-use single button control and adjustable elastic headband to fit anyone. It also fits around a hat, helmet, bike, or belt.

LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red Led Light – Brightest Headlight Lamp  – Waterproof Headlamps CREE – Best Spot Flash Head Light FREE Batteries – FOR ANY ACTIVITY

If you are searching for a versatile headlamp, you don’t need to look further.

Modes: Triple LED with 4 cool white modes (HI, MED, LO and SOS flashing) + 2 red night vision modes (steady and strobe).

Can be used as a headlamp, waist lamp, or desk lamp.  IPX6 prove head lamp enclosure. 2 separate push buttons to select white or red light.

  • Multi-Function Capability
  • Waterproof
  • 168 lumens



Reliable and powerful 6-mode waterproof headlight for any activity, especially hunting.

Headlamp,Cobiz Brightest 6000 Lumen CREE LED Work Headlight,18650 Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight with Zoomable Work Light –

4 modes: low, medium, high, and a bright emergency strobe light. Movable LED headlight.

Has a waterproof switch to use in the rain and waterproof wiring.

Adjustable headband  that you can adjust to fit a variety of head shapes and sizes

  • Waterproof
  • 4 modes
  • Zoom in and out

  • Without batteries included


This headlamp offers the best and brightest illumination requirements for any outdoor and indoor activities with high, low, medium, and strobe modes.

CrazyFire LED Headlamp, Super Bright Headlamp Headlight Flashlight, 3 Modes Zoomable Headlamps (Black)

Made of durable, non-toxic materials. 100% child friendly makes this headlight the most reliable in its class. 

Powerful light: 165 Lumen LED (300’ Beam) 

Water resistance: IPX-5 certified waterproof rating.

Modes: 4 White modes (LOW, MED, HIGH and flashing) + 3 Red night vision modes (steady, SOS, and strobe).

Weighs only 2.2 oz.

Lifetime Warranty.

  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • 7 lighting modes
  • 165 lumen output

  • No batteries included.


This lamp was designed and tested to meet the highest engineering standards. It’s so light you won’t even notice wearing it. Its multi modes are great for control and use.

CrazyFire LED Headlamp, Super Bright Headlamp Headlight Flashlight, 3 Modes Zoomable Headlamps (Black)-

Adopt cree XM-L T6 800lm LED light, with a beam distance up to 20+ feet when it is on the brightest setting, the illuminating area is wide enough for running or working.

3 MODES: high/ low/ strobe, it also include a zoom function so you can adjust the brightness zone as you want.

Weighing only 7.3oz and has an adjustable, elastic headband.

  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • 3 light modes
  • Zoomable
  • 800 lumen output

  • Lack of focus


The CrazyFire RJ2166 LED headlamp can meet your lighting needs in different outdoor environments. The beam distance is up to 25+ feet when it is on the brightest setting.

DEWALT DWHT70440 Jobsite Touch Headlamp – EASY TO USE

Brightness: 104 lumens

Modes: High/Low settings which allow for extended run Time.

The pivoting head allows light to be directed at the work rather than having to move your head to direct the light.

The strap has an anti-slip coating so it won’t slide around or fall off.

  • Average battery life 29 hours
  • 104 lumen output
  • Anti-slip strap
  • Shatter resistant and water resistant lens

  • Uncomfortable headband


This model is very powerful. The light output is very bright and far exceeds the cheap headlamps it replaces.

Lighthouse Beacon 1000 SUPER BRIGHT LED Headlamp – The best and brightest spotlight headlight – zoomable water resistant – rugged shock proof flashlight (BLACK)

Durability: With three AA batteries, our high-powered headlamp will provide a strong run time up to 30 hours.

3 light modes:  High, low, and strobe – so you can see clear and far in the dark.

Lightweight but strong: Made from aero aluminum alloy and ABS. Its three adjustable straps secure it firmly in place, so there’s no slippage.

  • Waterproof
  • 1000 lumen output
  • Zoomable convex lens
  • 30 hour lifetime

  • No batteries included


The sturdy, water-resistant Lighthouse Beacon 1000 provides an ULTRA BRIGHT, long-lasting light output, to keep up with you on your most rugged adventures.

What is the best headlamp for hunting?

After reviewing  the best headlamps in 2019 we can make a rational choice. A potential buyer should pay attention to: battery type, light type and power, water resistance, reliable headband, and so on.

Regarding all the benefits, the best headlamp for hunting in 2019 according to this review is the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 SUPER BRIGHT LED headlamp. It’s universal and suitable for running, camping, hiking, and hunting, fishing etc. Made from aero aluminum alloy and ABS, this model is light, but strong.  It’s also very powerful and waterproof. Thanks to its comfortable headband you’ll forget you’re wearing it! That’s what we’ve heard from countless customers.

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