Top 10 Caulking Guns in 2019 Review – Buying Guide

Last updated on: May 23rd, 2019

NewbornHow often do you face a crack or a leak in the kitchen, bathroom, storage, etc.? An average contractor will charge anywhere between $40 – $200 per hour for fixing a leaking faucet, sink, pipes, toilet, bathtub, cracked or a broken moulding, or furniture.

This is a must have tool considering you may face a home repair at least once a year.

Imagine how worse it gets to find a colony of ants, bugs, or pests thriving in those cracks! The cost of pest control can be another several hundred dollars – enough to spoil your summer vacation plans.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all these worries. One of the best tools to repair and improve your home’s condition is a caulking gun.

It can help you fill in all the cracks in your shower, kitchen, and furniture. It’s a perfect tool to seal any leaking corner in your home, fill any gaps in the molding or plug any drafty doors or windows.

Above all, it is an inexpensive tool for day to day repairs in the house. You can save a lot of hard earned money caulking things instead of paying hefty contractor charges.

Silicone caulk will cost you at most $10 and a lifetime investment in a caulking gun costs an average $25 – $50.

Now you have found yourself a deal that can save you from hiring a contractor and fix the issues in your house on time. Given the numerous brands selling caulking guns online, it can be difficult to choose the best one.

Our experts have reviewed the best caulking guns to buy.

The following review will help you understand what a caulking gun is, how you can use it to fix your house and help you choose the best caulking gun.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying Best Caulking Gun?


What is a caulking gun?

A caulking gun is a tool for both experts and novices to discharge cartridges with silicon or other sealants.

An average gun has a barrel to hold the cartridge, a dispensing rod, aka “the plunger” that will push the sealant, and a handle with a trigger. A caulking gun usually has a hook to attach to a ladder and a nozzle cutter or a needle to puncture the cartridge seal.

Additionally, some guns feature a drip-free feature which the pressure in the cartridge is quickly relieved as you release the trigger to prevent excess caulk from dripping.

best-caulkingThis makes things less messy for you and your work area. Manually pumping the caulk can be tedious if you are using a high viscosity sealant, especially in a colder climate.

For convenience, there are other types of caulk guns available including electric and air-powered or pneumatic models.

A beginner may not require an electric caulk gun as they’re heavier and need some skill to set the dispensing flow speeds.

Let us discuss different types of caulk guns so you can choose which one suits you the best.

Types of Caulking Guns

Lever Action


To keep it simple, you need both the hands to operate a lever action caulking gun. It is the most basic and commonly used caulking gun.

There is a lever to pull and create pressure in the tube that will dispense caulk out the nozzle.

A common issue with a lever gun is the amount of caulk being dispensed varies and bead control depends on your skill.

Also, manual caulking guns with a lever can cramp up your hands with continued use.


Cordless guns are powered with 12 – 18 volt batteries and can generate pressure of over 1100 lbs.

Often novices use these electric caulk guns on high pressure with basic silicone cartridges and end up exploding them in the barrel.

Working with these guns is easy as you do not have to apply any force yourself. They provide higher accuracy in bead control but are expensive.

Hand Pump

There are hand pump caulking guns that use a pump on top of the gun. This pump will create the necessary pressure in the barrel to force the caulk out of the cartridge.

It is better than lever-action caulking guns since you need only one hand while dispensing caulk.

Pistol Grip

It can be difficult to work with lever or pump-based caulking guns on rooftops or on ladders. This is where a pistol grip gun comes in handy since you need only one hand to control it.

You can position it in different angles to apply caulk with accuracy. Pressure is applied with one hand to force the caulk out.


An air powered gun dispenses caulk using compressed air supplied by your compressor with hose. This a powerful gun is made for professionals who work on commercial projects.

Not only can it damage a basic cartridge, can be dangerous in handling. This is not the gun for a domestic DIY fix in the bathroom.

How to Choose the Right Caulk

gettyimagesDifferent caulk types are suitable for different projects. For example, a basic latex caulk is perfect for repairing basic joints..

It is generally elastic, low cost, and lasts long. Good quality latex caulk can be painted without any loss in quality over time.

Silicone caulk is another type that is highly flexible and waterproof. It is suitable to seal joints and cracks around a sink, faucet, bathtub, etc.

It cannot be painted over as it will create cracks or flakes over time. Silicone is a good caulk material especially in areas where the temperature fluctuates.

For outdoors, the best caulk without any doubt is butyl rubber. It is mostly used for sealing rooftops, chimneys, gutters, etc, where moisture and sunlight can be an issue.

Adhesives or Liquid Nail are other caulk types used to glue materials outdoors.

Asphalt caulk is similar to the butyl rubber in both appearance and odor but it cannot be used outdoors in sunlight. It is highly sticky but in sunlight, it degrades over time.

Best Caulking Gun - Buying Guide

Best-Caulking-Gun-Buying-GuideThere are plenty of caulking guns available to buy online.

There are manual ones with a lever that are cheaper but will give cramp your hands at the end of the day.

On the other hand, electric ones provide effortless and accurate caulking but are expensive.

Home’N’Roll carefully selected the best caulking gun models based on the above points.

Newborn 930-GTD Drip-Free Caulking Gun For Long Lasting Use

While using a caulking gun, it can get messy if the caulk continues to flow even after you release the trigger.

Thanks to this ‘drip-free’ Newborn 930-GTD caulking gun, your dripping caulk issue has been solved.

With a thrust ratio of 10:1, comfortable padded grips and a smooth pressure rod, this caulking gun is best for your future DIY construction projects in the house.

It also comes with a handy spout cutter to avoid using a knife while cutting the cartridge seal.


  • Half-barrel steel frame built for higher durability, fits a 1/10 gal cartridge, weighs 1.5 lbs, length 11 inches
  • Caulk gun thrust ratio of 10:1 for easy dispensing of low viscous sealants like latex
  • Smooth pressure hex rod needs less force and is quieter than ratchet rods
  • Retractable mechanism of the rod prevents caulk dripping after releasing the trigger
  • Soft thermoplastic padding on handles designed to avoid hand fatigue, includes a ladder hook

This efficient caulking gun is recommended for home owners who want to control dripping sealant from the caulk gun during repair work.

  • Drip-free mechanism
  • Soft padding for handles
  • Smooth pressure rod
  • Higher durability

  • Not handy with high viscosity material

The Newborn caulking gun is perfect for sealing cracks, repairing base moulding and caulking window frames.

Dripless DC600 (22 Oz) Dual Barrel Caulking Gun – Best with Simpson StrongTie epoxy applicator tubes

This dual component Dripless caulk gun is built for use with high viscosity materials.

The Dripless DC600 contains two barrels to fit the Simpson StrongTie epoxy dual applicator cartridges.

It is a very sturdy caulking gun with a high thrust ratio of 26:1 made for heavy duty construction work.

Moreover, the gun ensures that dripping stops immediately as you release the handle.


  • Strong metal construction for a long lasting tool, 16” long and weighs 4.3 pounds
  • Dual barrel design for 22 Oz. double cartridges, supports a 1:1 or 2:1 mix ratio
  • Caulk gun thrust ratio of 26:1 for caulking high viscosity materials, 3.5mm trigger pull advancement
  • Steel gripper plates provide durability, includes plunger disks for both tubes
  • Helpful adjustable screw to cut gaps in the thrusts, for a perfect bead control

The Dripless caulk gun is a double barrel epoxy applicator that works perfectly with Simpson StrongTie dual tubes, specially built for heavy duty construction work.

  • Highly durable
  • Supports two barrels
  • Drip-free
  • Better bead control

  • More expensive than single cartridge guns

This caulking gun is suitable for heavy construction work, especially for professionals who use caulking guns often.

Newborn 250 Revolving Frame (18:1) – Best Caulking Gun for Working around the Corners

Here is a professional-grade high thrust caulking gun for use with heavy viscosity caulk and sealants.

The Newborn 250 caulk gun comes with a revolving barrel to maintain consistent bead control while working with tricky corners.

Made from strong zinc alloy, this professional tool is quieter than other caulking guns and its smooth pressure rod lets you push more with less effort.


  • Strong metal construction, rust-free and highly durable zinc alloy handles, weighs over 1.8 pounds
  • Revolving 1/10-gal steel frame to maintain bead control, helpful with caulking around corners
  • High 18:1 thrust ratio for use with acrylic, adhesives, asphalt, butyl, cement, etc.
  • Smooth pressure rod for even pumping, requires less force and is quieter than ratchet-style rods
  • Includes a ladder hook, spout cutter, and a puncture tool

This is a great caulking gun for both professional construction workers and basic home repair. It is recommended for caulking work on rooftops to work at different angles.

  • Rotating frame
  • High thrust ratio
  • Smooth pressure rod
  • Rust-free zinc alloy build

  • Does not prevent dripping

The Newborn 250 caulk gun is a highly durable tool, perfect for professional builders for sealing concrete, fixing tiles, and caulking around tricky corners.

Makita XGC01Z 18V Motored Adhesive Caulking Gun – Best for High Viscosity Sealants

For professional builders, it is not easy to dispense 10 or more caulk cartridges by hand every day.

This Makita caulking gun provides an easy solution with 18-Volts that is perfect for the highest viscosity caulk adhesives.

The Makita electric caulking gun provides a rotating cartridge holder and a 5-speed dial to control the caulk flow rate.

Moreover, this automatic caulking gun reduces dripping by releasing pressure.


  • Compact design, lightweight build with a rotatable 10oz cartridge frame holder, weighs 5 pounds
  • 18V Makita-built motor delivering 1100 lbs of dispensing force, strong enough for the highest viscosity caulks
  • Handy 5-speed dial to adjust caulk flow rate (0 – 66 IPM), variable speed trigger
  • Drip-reduction feature to automate the pressure relieving process on trigger release
  • Powered with an 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery to be cordless and highly portable

This caulk and adhesive gun is a versatile solution for any professional builder or contractor who performs large sealing and caulking jobs.

  • Adjustable 5-speed dial
  • 360° rotatable barrel
  • Drip-reduction
  • Cordless & portable

  • Requires additional battery for functioning

The Makita XGC01Z is a powerful caulking gun that is powered by an 18V battery, suitable for professional builders on rooftops.

Tajima Convoy CNV-100SP Caulking Gun with Longer Rotating Barrel

Inserting or pulling a cartridge from an average caulking gun can be difficult sometimes. Thanks to the Tajima caulking gun, this will no longer be an issue.

The Tajima Convoy comes with a longer barrel which can fit a caulk with ease.

It is a strong tool with cast aluminum handles and a rotating steel barrel made for rugged performance.

The auto stop flow feature on this gun provides a drip-reducing caulking experience.


  • Strong steel welded frame with aluminum handles, weight over 1.5 pounds
  • Rotating barrel for different angles, twin thrust-plate dispensing system
  • Longer 10.5 inch barrel frame to fit in any 1/10 Gal caulk easily and is easy to clean
  • Auto flow control for drip-reduction and smooth pumping action
  • Handy seal puncture tool with a ladder hook and safety strap

Tajima Convoy caulking gun is suitable for dispensing larger quantity of caulk per pump. It is recommended for use at home and in the field.

  • Strong body build
  • Longer rotating barrel
  • Twin thrust-plates
  • Drip-reduction

  • No builtin nozzle cutter

This caulking gun is versatile and durable, perfect for both home owners and professionals working in the field.

COX 41004 Chilton Caulk Gun with Rotating Barrel & Switchable Flow Control

The Cox 41004 Chilton is a caulking gun built for durability. It is made using die-cast zinc alloy to extend the tool life.

The Cox caulk gun features a mechanical advantage of 12:1 which means smoother pumping action with less effort.

It has a handy dual position switch to hold the pressure rod or release it to avoid caulk drippage.


  • Strong die-cast zinc alloy built for sturdiness and rugged performance, weighs 1.67 pounds
  • Dual position switch for drip control, instant pressure release using the thumb
  • Built-in ladder hook and seal punch, features a Wear Compensating Device (WCD) and a catch plate – sintered steel
  • 360 degree rotating barrel for working with different angles and corners
  • Mechanical advantage of 12:1 for low-medium viscosity caulk materials, smooth trigger function

If you are looking for a caulking gun that will dispense a consistent caulk bead in different angles without worrying about dripping, then the COX caulk gun is recommended for you.

  • Strong metal body
  • Rotating barrel
  • Drip-reduce control
  • Replaceable parts

  • Lacks automatic pressure release for drip-reduction

This is a fantastic caulking gun that will last a lifetime. It is versatile and durable, perfect for repairs around the house, rooftops, furniture, windows, etc.

E12S20 B-Line Albion Caulk Gun – 12V Cordless Drive for Effortless Pumping

With the Albion cordless caulk gun, you can now accurately apply caulk into tight places.

It can dispense 20 Oz sausage packs within seconds and with less effort. Here is a sturdy sausage caulk gun to make your caulking process easier than ever.

The E12S20 B-Line is powered with a 12V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with 30 mins. charging time. The cordless drive can operate at different speeds to dispense thick sealants smoothly.


  • Strong 2” aluminum barrel, lightweight drive and battery, weighs 7.4 pounds
  • Rechargeable 12 volt Lithium-Ion battery, dispenses 100+ cartridges on a single charge
  • Variable speed control dial, automatic reverse feature for a drip-free experience
  • 400 lbs dispensing force for maximum power, dispenses 20oz. sausage packs within 25 seconds (5/8″ nozzle opening)
  • Spare parts available for service

This automatic caulking gun can hold large volumes of caulk as well as pump at different speeds for accuracy. It is recommended for all professional builders in the field.

  • Powerful cordless drive
  • 12V rechargeable battery
  • Higher capacity and accuracy

  • Difficult to clean the pistons

The Albion caulk gun is suitable for professional caulking jobs where you need a portable caulking tool to work on joints with accuracy and dispense thick products easily.

Dewalt DCE560B 20V Max Adhesive Gun – Best for Pumping 10Oz Tubes of Hard Caulk

It can be difficult to squeeze epoxy tubes by hand, but not for this Dewalt caulking gun.

This 20V powered adhesive gun is powerful enough to pump 10Oz of hard caulk like soft butter, even in cold weather.

The Dewalt caulk gun comes with a variable speed trigger to offer increased control over the flow of the caulk.

Additionally, this large caulk gun automatically pulls the dispensing rod to stop drippage right away.


  • Compact design, build to be highly portable, weighs over 4.1 pounds
  • Variable speed trigger for increased adhesive flow control, able to set max – min flow rates
  • Easily fits 10 Oz (300-310ml) or 1/10th gallon cartridges, speed: 21”/min
  • Powered with a 20V Lithium-Ion battery for maximum dispensing power, battery sold separately
  • automatic plunging rod retraction prevents adhesive from dripping

Although a bit expensive, the Dewalt DCE560B Baretool is still recommended for professionals who require consistent pressure for higher accuracy.

  • Sturdy tool
  • 20V battery powered
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Higher bead accuracy

  • Works with 10 oz cartridges only

This caulking gun is perfect for fixing concrete joints, cracks in furniture, sealing cracks in rooftops, etc.

Dewalt DC545K 18-Volt (10 Oz) Caulk Gun – Best for Accurate Bead of Hard Adhesive

Say no to manual caulk tubes by hand. This 18 volt Dewalt caulk gun can dispense even the hardest caulks and sealants with the press of a button.

It can deliver up to 650 pounds of force to dispense high viscosity 10 Oz caulk tubes that fit easily in a rotating barrel. You can experience high consistency in caulk flow and bead control.


  • Powered with an 18V battery, delivers 650 pounds of force to dispense high viscosity materials
  • 360 degree rotating cartridge barrel to caulk in different angles, fits 10 Oz (1/10 gal) tubes
  • Variable speed control dial allows consistent flow at different bead control rates
  • Automatic reverse on the trigger release to prevent caulk dripping
  • Sturdy construction grade , works with all Dewalt’s line of 18V battery packs

Dewalt DC545K sealant gun is ideal for pumping heavy-duty thick sealants and adhesives that can be difficult to push with a manual caulking gun.

  • Powerful dispensing
  • Rotating barrel
  • Auto drip-free system
  • Speed control for accuracy

  • Difficult to use with basic caulk material

This adhesive gun is best for precise bead control for professionals who need to squeeze many adhesive tubes daily.

Newborn Pro Super Ratchet Rod 10 Oz Durable Steel Caulking Gun

No matter the conditions, this caulk gun never jams because of its robust ratchet system! It is one of the best of its kind.

Made of steel, this gun is highly durable, lightweight, and portable. You can set up the gun without any trouble.

With a thrust ratio of 6:1, the Newborn Pro gun can pump a 1/10 gallon cartridge easily. It comes with comfortable grips to prevent any hand fatigue.


  • Solid durable metal construction with welded backcap, weighs only 1 pound
  • Fits a standard 10 Oz (1/10 gallon) caulk tubes, and features a 180 degree rotating barrel
  • Excellent ratchet dispensing system for smooth action, and has a pressure release for drip-reduction
  • Patented Gator trigger comfort grip on handles, provides accuracy during operation
  • Built-in spout cutter and seal puncture tool with a ladder hook

If you need a simple but powerful caulk gun for seasonal home repair, look no further! The Newborn Pro is recommended for applying caulk in tight areas and tricky corners.

  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • Drip-reduction
  • Comfort grip on handles
  • Smooth ratchet system

  • Uncomfortable for smaller hands

This caulk gun is best for individuals who perform occasional caulk repair.

What is the best caulking gun?

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